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101 white daisy chrysanthemums

5359 UAH

51 white daisy chrysanthemums

3295 UAH

Bouquet of 5 chamomiles (daisy chrysanthemums)

535 UAH

Bouquet of 35 white chrysanthemums

2294 UAH

Bouquet of 11 daisy chrysanthemums

937 UAH

Bouquet of 11 daisy chrysanthemums

960 UAH

Bouquet of 11 daisy chrysanthemums

972 UAH

19 white daisy chrysanthemums

1415 UAH

Bouquet of 15 chamomiles (daisy chrysanthemums)

1139 UAH

A bouquet of chamomiles is a floral gift, which with full certainty can be called universal. These flowers can be presented not only to family and friends, but also just a good acquaintance. In most cases, they cause more sincere and warm feelings than huge and expensive bouquets.

Amazing Chamomile

Camomile is perfectly combined with such wildflowers as bells and cornflowers. So, for example, a bicolour bouquet of cornflowers and chamomiles looks extremely elegant. Extremely interesting daisies are combined with flowers that are slightly larger, but in shape very similar to them. In this respect, gerberas or chrysanthemums will look the best. Unordinary personalities will certainly love the daisies in combination with small sunflowers. Small flowers perfectly set off roses and can soften the pretentiousness of any exotic flowers.

Floristic salons offer a wonderful 24-hour service. Regardless of the time of day and night, all your wishes, which relate to the design of the flower arrangement, will be promptly fulfilled. Regular customers receive good discounts. As a result, quite inexpensively you will get a chic floral arrangement.

Perfect compositions for any solemn event

No flower arrangement of chamomile can do without greens, thanks to which these flowers do not look faint and dull. As for the decor elements, the threads with pearls or beads perfectly match. This bouquet can be used as a wedding. But do not forget that such a bouquet will be appropriate only in the hands of a young girl. Of no small importance is the style of the dress (if it's magnificent, then a large bouquet will fit, if the pritalennoe - a miniature bouquet). Such a bouquet will look simple, but very elegant. The ideal composition of chamomiles should have a drop-shaped, round or cascade shape. The couriers selected by you will be delivered to your home and office.

A bunch of chamomiles can be bought at any convenient time (for both the customer and the recipient). If you want to open true feelings to your girlfriend, order her a bouquet of "Ellada" (consisting of multi-colored chamomile chrysanthemums), "Holiday" (a combination of chamomile, alstroemeria, chrysanthemums decorated with gypsophila and decorative elements), "Camomile Field" (a huge bouquet of chamomiles and chrysanthemums decorated with gypsophila and decor elements).

Make your favorite today!