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Fruit basket


Big Fruit basket. Weight: 5.5-6 kg

2337 UAH

Fruit basket and flowers. Weight: 4.5-5 kg

2304 UAH

Fruit basket. Weight: 3.5-4 kg

1262 UAH

Fruit basket. Weight: 5.5-6 kg

1961 UAH

Fruit basket. Weight: 3.5-4 kg

1400 UAH

Fruit basket. Weight: 5.5-6 kg

1922 UAH

A huge fruit basket. Weight: 7.5-8 kg

3248 UAH

Fruit basket. Weight: 3.5-4 kg

1651 UAH

Fruit basket. Weight: 4.5-5 kg

1922 UAH

Fruit basket without pineapple. Weight: 5.5-6 kg

1427 UAH

Fruit Set. Weight: 4.5-5 kg

1605 UAH

Fruit basket. Weight: 5.5-6 kg

2456 UAH
A fruit basket is an ideal option, which not only representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, but men aspire to receive as a gift. In this case, gift baskets are formed taking into account the personal preferences of the client. Tasty presents became an integral part of the gift industry. This is not an ordinary sign of attention, but a full-fledged, universal and at the same time a useful hotel. Unlike souvenirs, the choice of which can be mistaken, such a gift will certainly be appreciated. But in no case should not neglect the general rules of giving. More often than not even the most unremarkable gift, presented with imagination, will present much more positive emotions than the chosen and presented in a hurry dear present. First you need to know what kind of fruit the recipient prefers.

The fruit basket can be bought at the Uaflorist.com store.

Also, if desired, it is easy to arrange a delivery order. Believe me, your care will not be left without attention. Correctly selected basket can be supplemented with a card with sincere wishes. Words from "the heart" will be additionally decorated and "warmed" by the gift you presented.

Fruit basket at home and in the office

Do not forget that if the size of the fruit basket is very large, and the recipient is getting home with several transplants, then it is better to choose delivery to the house. Also, you have an unrivaled opportunity to present this delicious gift "incognito". Let your loved one get lost in conjecture, who presented him a juicy gift from nature itself. There is no mystery in the fact that fruits have many useful properties. Thanks to this, the work of our body is significantly improved. And this is quite natural, because the fruit is a storehouse of vitamins! For example, apricots abound with vitamin A, raspberries perfectly lower the cholesterol level, and bananas give thiamin - a vitamin of joy! The benefit of these products, how not to cool, is absolutely obvious.
A marvelous basket with delicious fruit will cost you quite inexpensively. Most companies offer round-the-clock service, so regardless of whether it's dawn or dusk outside the window, you can please your loved one.

Fruit basket is delivered around the city of Kiev

For women, it's best to choose a basket "Lovely" (it comes from "sunny" berries and fruits: peach, plum, grapes, pears, fizalis, kiwi, mandarins, rambutans), "Strawberry Heart" "Fruit Paradise" (kiwi, peaches, bananas, oranges). Employees of companies offering sweet presents will not have any difficulties with making individual orders. In support of this - feedback from thousands of grateful customers. You will not believe, but the prices of fruit compositions are more than affordable. Ordering such a gift, you save money and save precious time. Bring new colors to the life of your family and friends. A lot of emotions and sincere gratitude are provided to you! Check it out for yourself!