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Raffaello in a metal box. Weight: 300 g

550 UAH

candy Ferrero Rocher. Weight: 300 g

590 UAH

Candy Lyubimov Chocolate hearts. Weight: 100 g

125 UAH

Kiev cake. Weight: 0.850 g

490 UAH

candy Assorted Gapchinskaya. Weight: 220 g

354 UAH

Ferrero in a plastic box. Weight: 200 g

290 UAH

candy Venetian Night. Weight: 154 g

290 UAH

Fruit cake. Weight: 0,9 kg

450 UAH

candy Kiev evening. Weight: 176 g.

290 UAH

Cake Grilyazhny. Weight: 0.850 g

490 UAH

White teddy bear 25-30 cm

650 UAH

candy Raffaello. Weight: 150 g.

220 UAH

Everyone knows that without a bouquet of beautiful flowers, there is not a single congratulation. To gift was bright and memorable, you can add it, for example, sweets. The tradition to present as a gift of sweets originated still in France. Its essence was to sweeten the lives of loved ones and dear ones. This tradition was adopted by the Germans and Italians. Now around the world it is customary to supplement flowers with a box of chocolates.

Another popular sweet gift is cakes. They can be presented absolutely for any celebration. No Birthday, New Year, March 8, Valentine's Day can not do without this sweet gift. A person will be happy to cake any age and profession. In addition, this gift is universal and neutral, so it is an excellent addition to the colors.

Greeting cards do not lose their relevance year after year. After all, in addition to pleasant words, she bears the memory of great moments. A postcard is a great way to enhance the festive atmosphere of celebration. With its help you can not only congratulate a person, but also tell about the most frank feelings, or answer an exciting question.

To romantic and easy gifts are balloons. Recently, balls are especially fashionable and topical souvenirs, able to decorate any celebration. They are especially loved by children of different ages. Very often bunches of balls are presented for the birth of a baby. In addition to universal souvenirs, you can pick up individual gifts for flowers. It should be remembered that any gift should be presented with love, warmth and trembling.

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