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Flowers for

Green plants


House plant Begonia. Height 20-30 cm

580 UAH

Houseplant Zamiokulkas. Height 20-30 cm

580 UAH

Houseplant Kalatea. Height 20-30 cm

670 UAH

yellow orchid phalaenopsis (2 branches)

870 UAH

Houseplant Azalea. Height 20-30 cm

620 UAH

Houseplant Female happiness. Height 30-40 cm

620 UAH

Houseplant Tsikas. Height 30-40 cm

920 UAH

Houseplant Anthurium. Height 30-40 cm

790 UAH

Houseplant Ficus. Height 40-50 cm

730 UAH

Houseplant of Monster. Height 30-40 cm

820 UAH

Houseplant Kalanchoe. Height 20-30 cm

680 UAH

Pink phalanopsis (2 branches)

870 UAH

Houseplant Dracaena. Height 30-40 cm

770 UAH

Houseplant Guzmania. Height 20-30 cm

690 UAH

Houseplant Shiftler. Height 30-40 cm

840 UAH

Green plants are an interesting gift that your family and friends will appreciate. Today, flower shops offer a huge range of colors for the house: cacti, orchids, violets, azaleas, cyclamen, adenium, hibiscus, pelargonium, agave. For a summer residence or a country house, a capsicum, a coffee tree, a banana will do the trick. Significantly "revive" the office premises can large-sized plants - ficus, coconut, pahira, yucca, nolina, dracaena.

Unrivaled green flowers

Chic chic flower will become an integral part of the interior. Especially popular are such samples as "Cyclamen", "Guzmania", "Ficus Benjamin", "Kaletia", "Croton", "Dieffenbachia". Floristic salons also offer exotic flowers, which will be delivered within the agreed time frame to the house and office. The category of exclusive plants include Bonsai, Shefleru, Bokarneyu, and Tsikas. Lovers of palm trees will certainly appreciate "Ficus Nitidus" and "Yucca". The height of such plants varies from a few centimeters to several meters. Experienced florists will help you be the most optimal option, which can not be better suited to the wishes of the client and the solemnity of the event. Feedback from recipients of such flowers can be called with full confidence enthusiastic.

Unique creations from nature itself

Beautiful indoor flowers can be bought in almost any floral salon. Make an order is very easy. To do this, you only need to fill out the application form for the standard form, which you will find on the main page of the web site of the flower salon. Indoor plants will easily change the atmosphere of your house or apartment. As is known, the main property of plants is the liberation of oxygen and the absorption of carbon dioxide. These gifts of nature also saturate the air with phytoncides, which are extremely useful for our health. Prices for indoor flowers are very different from each other. Depending on the type of flower, its size and popularity. In the shop of indoor flowers you can find everything you want. Bright and extremely beautiful plants are the moranta, kalatea, asplenium. An integral part of the refined interior will be rheo and spindle. Charming and unpretentious in care are begonia, cyclamen, spathiphyllum, senpolia. Twenty-four-hour service will make all your floral fantasies a reality. Regardless of the complexity, your order will be executed promptly. And all this is quite inexpensive. Flower present will surpass all your expectations, be convinced of it today!