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Heart of flowers


Heart of 101 multi-colored roses

11416 UAH

Heart of 27 white roses

3258 UAH

Composition of 17 roses and 4 chrysanthemums

2664 UAH

Heart: 7 roses and 4 chrysanthemums

2113 UAH

Composition of 7 white chrysanthemums

1530 UAH

Heart of 5 chrysanthemums and 2 orchids

1211 UAH

Heart of 73 multicolored roses

7756 UAH

Bouquet of 28 white and 43 red roses

6838 UAH

Composition of 12 roses and 1 lily

2323 UAH

Bouquet of 13 roses and 4 chrysanthemums

1921 UAH

Heart of 27 yellow roses

3072 UAH

Heart of 17 white roses

2490 UAH

Heart of 37 white roses

4408 UAH

Heart of 25 white chrysanthemums

3511 UAH

Composition of 27 white or cream roses

3234 UAH

VIP Composition of 148 roses and 3 orchids (or lilies)

13445 UAH

Heart-shaped bouquets - the perfect way to recognize in love

Bouquets in the shape of the heart - a combination of tenderness and romance. He will certainly like young people who dream of love, described in the pages of many books. Such compositions will become a non-trivial gift for a loved one. These compositions are most often made from roses of the same color ("Heart of roses" - red roses and an oasis, "Heart of an angel" - coral roses and decorative elements, "Sweet captivity" - combination of a pink rose and a green chrysanthemum, "Temptation" - an exclusive version a combination of colorful roses decorated with greenery, "Arrow of the Cupid" - a rose cream in combination with a red carnation). Bouquets of roses in the form of heart are very popular. Such a gift will tell you better than your words about your true feelings and intentions. The magic power of flowers will bring harmony back to the relationship and help to forget even the most painful quarrels. Flowers in the form of a fiery heart will cost you quite inexpensively. The composition will please the eye for a long time, because the flowers are fed by water, which impregnates the sponge. You can give your attention and warmth to a loved one, even if between you - tens of thousands of kilometers. Bouquets of roses and flower arrangements in the form of heart - an exclusive present, the prices for which you will be pleasantly surprised. Couriers of the floral salon will deliver a bouquet of freshly cut fragrant flowers to the house and office.

Flowers in the heart - unique combinations

Most people like the combination in one composition of several varieties of flowers. An excellent option - the connection of pink, red and yellow roses. Such a heart of flowers is truly incomparable: it will be extremely difficult for the recipient to focus attention on this or that flower. Together they look bright, colorful and original. Flowers in the form of heart - an ideal option for our customers who are in constant search. The 24-hour service offered by the floristic salon will fulfill even the most individual wishes of the client. Such a gift will appeal not only to a young girl, but also to an experienced woman, which is quite difficult to surprise. All your efforts will certainly be appreciated. Equally charmingly look like small compositions, and huge flower hearts. And this is quite natural, because they are filled with specific energy, tenderness, sincerity and the breath of true love. Heart-shaped bouquets have exceptionally positive feedback from recipients.