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Long Lasting Roses FLORICH


white roses in a gift box

1047 UAH

Blue Rose in a gift box

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Scarlet roses in the box

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yellow Rose in a gift box

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A long-lasting rose is a unique floral gift that has no analogues. The main advantage of such colors is that they will not fade during a long period - from six months to several years! The thing is that these roses use special impregnation, which preserves the moisture of this gift of nature. In addition, special varieties of roses are used, which are grown under certain conditions. As a result, beautiful and ecologically clean flowers are obtained.

One long-lasting rose in a box Long-lasting roses per piece Three long-lasting roses in a box

Unique roses from the French manufacturer

Of particular popularity are the long-lasting roses florich. This gift with full certainty can be called universal. Such flowers will help express love, endless friendship or admiration. Masters from France made every effort to ensure that the rose, like a diamond, turned into a magical work of art, pleasing its freshness and beauty for many years. The secrets of this craft are not known to everyone.

A long-lasting rose florich you can buy in almost any floral salon. These plants are completely natural. After cutting, they are able to maintain their properties and natural appearance up to five years. Such roses will be an unforgettable and amazing gift for Birthday, Anniversary, wedding, birth of a child, New Year, Christmas, Valentine's Day. If you want to open your feelings to your beloved girl, give her three white or red roses. Roses of purple color indicate great emotionality, spirituality and high delicacy. Creative individuals will appreciate the unique blue roses. The flower gift you have chosen will be delivered to your home and office.

Chic flower presents

The production of such colors is based on a unique patented technology. Thanks to this, these roses do not need special care. Producers offer you a wide range of roses - White Diamond, Sunny Citrine, Scarlet Ruby, Black Diamond, Purple Amethyst, Coffee Topaz, Brown Tourmaline. And this is not a complete list! Reviews of recipients of such roses are only positive. If desired, you can add original presents to these colors - exclusive wooden cards, plush toys, and, of course, chocolate sweets.

The long-lasting roses of florich will cost you very inexpensively. The prices for a long-lasting rose florich depend on several factors: - how tall the rose you choose, - what size will the rosebud - the rose be in the gift box or not ..

Such a flower present will hit the recipient in the heart. This guarantees a perfect 24-hour service, which will realize even the most unusual wishes of the client!