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New Year's compositions


Composition of 6 roses, 7 carnations, candles, branches firs or pines

1063 UAH

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New Year's basket of flowers and spruce branches

1484 UAH

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New Year's composition for the New Year

997 UAH

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Christmas basket of flowers

953 UAH

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New Year's basket of roses and orchids

1152 UAH

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Composition of flowers for the New Year with 3 candles

1396 UAH

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New Year Composition of 15 carnations, 6 chrysanthemums

1086 UAH

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Christmas Composition of Flowers

949 UAH

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Christmas composition with a candle

1063 UAH

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Basket of 5 roses, 9 carnations, 5 chrysanthemums

1041 UAH

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Composition of 15 roses, 2 candles, spruce branches, toys

1063 UAH

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Table Composition of Candles for the New Year

1241 UAH

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Composition of 5 roses with branches spruce or pines

842 UAH

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Composition of 31 carnations with branches spruce or pines

975 UAH

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New Year Composition of 15 carnations, 4 chrysanthemums

865 UAH

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Composition of 4 gerberas, 5 carnations with branches spruce or pines

865 UAH

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So he knocked at us in the window New, 2018. Therefore, not a single house can do without a festive decoration. New Year's compositions are one of the most important attributes of the New Year and Christmas. Huge songs are popular, including pine needles, fruit candles, decorated with nice bows and ribbons. Such decorations can easily replace (or supplement) the traditional green beauty.

Unique New Year's presents

Today, chic New Year's compositions can be bought in almost any floral salon. The following options are interesting: "Happy New Year" (a unique combination of green sprigs of spruce, white metiol, exquisite red amaryllis and gerberas), "Hello, New Year!" (The basis - cones and spruce branches, fresh leucodendron, complemented by a bright red rose and candles, located in the center). The composition you selected will be delivered to your home and office.

Also New Year's compositions are still relevant with their own hands. They can easily decorate half of the fashionable dance hall or simply place it as a decor on a fireplace, sofa or window sills. And all this will cost you quite inexpensively.

Exclusivity and availability

Holiday New Year compositions made of flowers are also popular. Among such compositions should be called "Waiting for a miracle" (a combination of red carnations and white chrysanthemums decorated with pine needles and New Year decor with a candle), "Asterisk" (eustoma flowers, spruce twigs, Christmas toys and other decorative elements). Feedback from the recipients of such New Year's surprises is extremely positive. Unique flower presents for the New Year - better than a gift can not imagine! By the way, this composition will be appreciated not only by women, but also by men. If desired, it can be supplemented with a figure of a chocolate Santa Claus / Snow Maiden / goat or a nice little toy. Prices for New Year's songs will pleasantly surprise you. You can not only choose the standard version from the catalog, but also ask the florists to make an exclusive holiday gift.

All your wishes will realize a twenty-four-hour service. And no snow congestion will not prevent real professionals! Believe me, the New Year's miracle is believed not only by children, but also by most adults. As they say, if you strongly believe, then everything will come true. You must make every effort to ensure that this New Year your loved ones filled for a long time!