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Order statuses

On this page you can see what each order status means and when it is assigned to an order.

Basic order statuses:

Open - This order status is automatically assigned after it is placed in the store.

Pending payment - Order is checked by the operator. We expect receipt of payment for the order.

Paid - Payment for the order is received. After checking by the manager, the order will be confirmed

Confirmed - The order is confirmed by the manager. Expected delivery of the order on the specified date and time

Completed - Order is delivered to Recipient.

Cancelled - This status is assigned to orders that were not paid for or if the Customer canceled the order.

Additional order statuses:

Verifying - this status can be assigned:

a) automatically when paying by payment method with payment verification by payment service (2Checkout.com);

b) manager of the company if there was an error in payment and a payment check is required or if the payment / execution process of the order is to be suspended.

Failed - An error occurred while paying for the order. If an error occurs, the funds can be written off from the Customer's account. Status " Failed " manually changes the manager of company to " Verifying ", after which the payment is additionally checked. If the payment was not withdrawn from the Customer's account, the order status is changed to " Pending ", and if payment is successful - the order will be assigned a status " Failed ".

Hold - the store manager can not contact you to clarify the details of your order: we do not have your phone number or mail, You do not answer calls or letters, the specified phone number does not work.

Refunded - the status when the funds are refunded (if the Customer canceled the order or compensation is made).