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Public agreement

The information below is an official offer (public offer) of the online store https://uaflorist.com, represented by SEP V.A. Popov, to any legal or private person, upon concluding a service agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Contract"), on the conditions set forth in this Offer. This contract is public, i.e. according to Article 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, its conditions are equal for all consumers.


1.1. Terms are definitions that are issued in this Contract, which are an integral part of it. Terms are interpreted on the basis of their nature and content of this contract and have the following meanings:

1.2. Public offer - this public contract for the provision of services by the Contractor.

1.3. Contractor (Company) - Internet-shop https://uaflorist.com, represented by SEP V.A. Popov

1.4. Client - an individual or a legal person that has accepted this Offer in accordance with clause 2.2. of this Contract.

1.5. Recipient - an individual or a legal person to whom the Contractor must provide services or goods to which the Customer has made an order.

1.6. The website of the Contractor is https://uaflorist.com (hereafter referred to as the “site”).

1.7. Services and goods - services and goods provided by the Contractor. A full list of services and goods, as well as their cost are listed on the website of the Contractor.

1.8. Prices - the cost of services and goods provided by the Contractor in accordance with the cost indicated on the Contractor's website when placing the order.

1.9. Order - the Client’s provision the Contractor with the information about the goods and services that s/he wants to purchase on the Contractor's website, payment for them, as well as providing information on the conditions of their delivery.


2.1. In accordance with the Civil Code of Ukraine, in case of the conditions set forth in this Offer are accepted and the Contractor's services are paid for, the individual or legal person making the acceptance of this Offer becomes a "Client" (acceptance of the Offer is tantamount to concluding the Contract on the conditions set forth in the Offer).

2.2. The Client makes acceptance of the Offer by placing an order and paying for the Contractor's Services in accordance with clause 4.2. The order can be issued on the site, by phone, skype, online chat or other convenient way for the Client.

2.3. The Contractor disclaims responsibility for possible direct or indirect harm / damage (including moral one), which may be caused in the result of the Client's order fulfillment (Recipient’s allergy to flowers or food products (if they are available in the order), the Client's disagreement with the Recipient as for the order or its features, etc.).

2.4. Taking into account the foregoing, please read the text of this Offer carefully and if you do not agree with any point of the Offer, the Contractor invites you to refuse the order of its Services.


3.1. The subject of this Contract is the provision of services by the Contractor to the Client for the delivery of goods that s/he chooses on the Contractor’s website when placing an order, in accordance with the terms of this Contract and at the current Prices on the Contractor’s website when placing an order.

3.2. Making an order by any of the ways listed in clause 2.2, the Client thereby confirms that s/he has read and understands all the points and terms and s/he agrees:

- with the rules for the provision of services placed at the following URL - https://uaflorist.com/basic-rules.html,

- with the policy of quality placed at the following URL - https://uaflorist.com/the-policy-of-quality.html,

- with the policy of privacy placed at the following URL - https://uaflorist.com/the-policy-of-privacy.html,

- with the policy of replacement placed at the following URL - https://uaflorist.com/the-policy-of-replacement.html,

- with the policy of refunds placed at the following URL - https://uaflorist.com/the-policy-of-refunds.html.


4.1. The cost of goods and Services provided by the Contractor under this Contract, and their description are published on the Contractor's website.

4.2. Services delivery provided to the Client, in accordance to this Contract, is carried out on the basis of 100% (one hundred percent) prepayment. Services are deemed to be provided properly and in full extent, if the Client haven’t filed a claim within 24 hours.


5.1. The Contract can be terminated:

a) by agreement of the Parties at any time.

b) at the initiative of the either Party in the event of a breach of the terms of the Contract by another Party.

5.2. Based on the Client's request for the destruction of his personal data in the site's database.


6.1. The Parties are liable for breach or improper performance of obligations under the Contract, in accordance with the current legislation.

6.2. The parties are released from responsibility for breach or improper performance of obligations under the Contract for the period of force majeure. Force majeure means extraordinary and insurmountable circumstances that prevent the Parties from fulfilling their obligations under this Contract. These include natural disasters (floods, ice, snowstorms, snowdrifts, etc.), the circumstances of public life (military actions, emergency situations, strikes, epidemics, etc.), forbidden measures of state agencies. During this time, the Parties have no mutual claims, and each Party assumes the risk of consequences of force majeure circumstances.


7.1. The Contractor reserves the right to change any information posted on the site and make changes to the Offer conditions and / or withdraw the Offer at any time ad libitum, without prior warning. If the Contractor makes changes to the Offer, such changes come into force from the moment of their publishing on the Contractor's website.

7.2. All disputes and disagreements arising in the performance of obligations by the Parties under this Contract shall be resolved through negotiations.

7.3. The Parties agree that any dispute, the solution of which has not been achieved through negotiations, is resolved in accordance with Ukrainian legislation.

7.4. This Contract is made in English, understandable for both parties.