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Chic bouquet of 101 roses

9265 UAH

101 red and white roses

8993 UAH

Bouquet of 25 roses

3699 UAH

Bouquet of 11 red roses

1363 UAH
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from 70 UAH

Heart of 101 multi-colored roses

11416 UAH

Bouquet of 21 roses-spray

3079 UAH

Huge bouquet of 1001 red roses

88961 UAH

You wake up the code in the morning and see a bouquet of beautiful flowers on the table - you understand: happiness in simple things. When you give a beloved person a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and you see her happy eyes, you understand: to give moments of happiness is so simple. Especially if there is always such a reliable helper in the matter of choosing and delivering flowers, as a 24-hour UaFlorist service!

6 eloquent reasons to choose the delivery of bouquets of flowers from UaFlorist!

  • You get the opportunity to choose from an impressive range of floral arrangements.
  • You can always add a bouquet of flowers with a gift, souvenir or postcard.
  • You receive thousands of words of gratitude from the recipient of the bouquet.
  • You spend minimum of your time on ordering.
  • You get always fresh and luxurious bouquets, regardless of the number of flowers in the bouquet.
  • We have competitive prices on the market for the delivery of bouquets in Kiev.

Make a surprise? Order a bouquet with delivery from UaFlorist - one hundred percent "hit the target"!

Agree, it is unlikely that any of us think about the fact that he can receive flowers with delivery to the house or office. While you make reports, plan, debit a loan, raise children, develop a project for your client, our florists masterfully make up for you beautiful floral arrangements, couriers - deliver them to you at home or in the office. Probably, having received such a bouquet, you will be pleasantly surprised! Now imagine how your relatives, loved ones or colleagues will be happy, who will receive flowers from you with delivery to UaFlorist! Positive feedback on the delivery of bouquets in Kiev from UaFlorist is a confirmation! Entrust the delivery of bouquets to UaFlorist, and be sure: your recipient will appreciate this way of paying attention.

Unusual bouquets of flowers for those who are dear.

A special person wants to give special presents. Original and unusual. Not only useful, but also just beautiful. At only one glance at which on the face there is a smile and admiration with surprising beauty of each bud. And it does not matter, it will be a bouquet of twenty-one roses of burgundy color or a "modest" and inexpensive bouquet of three pink gerberas. The main thing is the pitch. And, of course - the freshness of each flower. And if you do not have the opportunity to present the bouquet personally, you can safely delegate the fulfillment of this task to the company UaFlorist! Well, for the freshness of each petal we are responsible for our reputation.

The fastest delivery of bouquets in Kiev from UaFlorist!

Just imagine how much time you will save on buying flowers if you order a bouquet in Kiev in the company UaFlorist!

  • You do not need to look for a flower shop closest to your home or office.
  • You are always sure that choose the right bouquet, because we have a wide range of flower arrangements.
  • You do not inconvenience your friends or colleagues with requests to buy flowers, if you do not have time to do it yourself.

Order a bouquet in Kiev in UaFlorist is also because our couriers are the most operational couriers in the capital! They are never late. At the exact time, a chic bouquet of flowers will be delivered to your recipient in the hands!