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We offer you to order a soft toy in addition to the delivery of the bouquet. Soft toys do not know the age limits. Soft toys are loved by both children and adults. This gift will be happy and a romantic girl, and a practical woman, and of course, a naive child. If you want to give a gift to a loved one, express your feelings or just want to please your loved one, then a soft toy is the perfect choice!

If for adults soft toys are a way to escape from the harsh reality and remember a precious childhood, then for children they become the first friends. Soft toys do not just give a good mood, but also positive emotions and a feeling of your warmth and care.

In the presented catalog of soft toys you can choose any soft toy that you like and we add it to the bouquet of flowers. When ordering the delivery of a soft toy, you must understand that the toy may not correspond 100% as shown in the figure, since our partners may not have such a toy. Delivery will be made of a toy as similar as possible to the color scheme and type of toy.

Order a soft toy for a bouquet of flowers and your loved ones will always have a soft and furry memory of your original gift.