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101 white daisy chrysanthemums

7289 UAH

Chic bouquet of 101 roses

7721 UAH

Heart of 101 multi-colored roses

9513 UAH

Huge bouquet of 1001 red roses

74134 UAH

51 white daisy chrysanthemums

4244 UAH

Huge bouquet roses of 101 white roses

7763 UAH

Bouquet of 101 red imported roses

11138 UAH

Big basket of 101 roses

8093 UAH

Large bouquet roses of 101 roses

7393 UAH

Bouquet of 55 alstromeries

3158 UAH

Agree, today you can buy flowers today in the nearest flower stall and even in the underground passage. However, the search for truly worthy of attention bouquet Vip class, as a rule, in such places end unsuccessfully! Do not waste time in vain. Order the delivery of luxury bouquets from UaFlorist throughout Ukraine - and you definitely will not lose with the choice! Why?

  • You get only fresh flowers, and in any quantities!
  • You can not doubt: even the largest bouquet of flowers, compiled by the florists of the company UaFlorist, will not wither in the hot sun and will not freeze even in severe frosts. We know how to keep the wolves attractive for a long time!
  • You only spend 1 phone call or 1-2 clicks on the site to place an order.
  • Florists-professionals work on the creation of each floral composition, and buds themselves are grown on private plantations in the most comfortable conditions for them.
  • We have a competitive price on the market for large bouquets of flowers.

Vip bouquet from UaFlorist - to support the image and reputation of the recipient!

Agree, there are situations in life that oblige us to "sweat" in search of a bouquet of flowers, a worthy recipient. Need a luxurious bouquet in business style in order to congratulate the partner of the company? Do you want to congratulate the chief-woman on the international women's day? Is there a need for a bouquet that would meet the status of the head of the company of world significance? Vip bouquets of flowers from the company UaFlorist - just what you need! Especially for such purposes we created a hotel section of our online catalog, in which we presented luxurious floral compositions, among which you can definitely find the "right" bouquet!

Expensive bouquets from UaFlorist: wise decision of a wise leader!

Bouquets for generous fans!

How much are you willing to pay for delivery to your home or office of a luxurious bouquet of flowers from 101 roses? Do you think such bouquets can be inexpensive? Doubt? And rightly so. But you can be 100% sure of the freshness of each flower, which is a particular bouquet of Vip class from UaFlorist, and that before the large bouquets of roses the heart of your lover "melts" just like yours - in front of its charm . Positive emotions in the lady of your heart - guaranteed! The feedback of our customers and recipients of large bouquets of flowers is proof of this.

Be prepared to receive words of gratitude for attention, expressed in such a beautiful form, and do not stop there! Only in this case you can earn her trust, favor, win her heart.

With the 24-hour service for the delivery of flowers, UaFlorist to realize your loved ones' dreams is easy!